Study Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy or Physiotherapy

in Riga a historic and modern city.

RSU Faculty of Medicine and study at other related faculties are becoming increasingly popular among foreign students due to its quality education and competitive tuition fees in Europe, offering a full professional education programme so that graduates can successfully continue their education in the residency programmes of their chosen speciality or Master’s study programmes in the field of medicine in Latvia or other member states of the European Union. We collaborate with RSU to promote first-class medical studies in Latvia. 

The teaching facilities, materials and equipment are extremely high standard. ​Our application process is easy. ​


The below is an explanatory combination for your entry requirements at University in Riga.

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Programme                                  Chemistry          Biology                Mathematics          Physics


Medicine (MD)                           Compulsory    Compulsory         Compulsory        Preferably

Dentistry (DDS)                         Compulsory    Compulsory         Compulsory        Preferably

Pharmacy (MPharm)                Compulsory    Preferably            Compulsory        Preferably

Nursing (BSc)                             Preferably       Compulsory         Compulsory        Preferably

Occupational Therapy (BSc)    Preferably       Compulsory         Compulsory        Preferably

The RSU is the only University in Latvia that has been closely integrated within the health care system providing pre-conditions for the successful operation of Latvian medical Institutions. RSU offers internships in partner hospitals in Germany, Israel and Italy.   

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No need for UCAS, BMAT or UCAT. 

Available courses and how much my course costs?

Dentistry: Study programme includes practical and theoretical knowledge, presentation at workshops, building of dentist to patients and staff relationships and the quality of clinical case presentations. 

Practical training includes working on mannequins and 3D simulation technology. 

Duration: 5 years.

Location: Riga.

Annual Tuition Fee: Starts with €14.000 for first 2 years, then goes up to €15.000 for the final three years. 

Medicine: Study programme includes practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Duration: 6 years. 

Location: Riga.

Annual Tuition Fee: €12.000 throughout all years. 

Pharmacy: The programme for RSU includes laboratory, practical and theoretical work. 

Duration: 5 years.

Location: Riga. 

Annual Tuition Fee: €8.000 for the first two years, then €9.000 for the three years.

Physiotherapy: The programme for RSU includes theoretical and practical work.

The diploma is recognised world-wide and it is the leading University in the Baltic.  A long history of educating international students. 

Duration: 4 years.

Location: Riga.

Annual Tuition Fee: €8.000 in the first two years and thereafter €9.000

Disclaimer: Please note all tuition fees listed are subject to currency exchange rate.

Please email to confirm the fees. 

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