Latvia: Riga 

RSU Faculty of Dentistry, Medicine and Physiotheraphy is becoming increasingly popular among foreign students due to its competitive education and tuition fees in Europe, offering a full professional education programme so that graduates can successfully continue their education in the residency programmes of the chosen speciality or Master’s study programmes in the field of medicine in Latvia or other member states of the European Union.

The teaching facilities, materials and equipment are extremely high quality. 

Our application process is easy, just fill in the form on our contact page and we will get back to you to arrange for a Skype/WhatsApp interview. 

The below is an explanatory combination for your entry requirements at University in Riga.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us via email          or phone. 

Programme                               Chemistry          Biology                Mathematics          Physics

Medicine (MD)                            Compulsory       Compulsory         Compulsory        Preferably

Dentistry (DDS)                          Compulsory       Compulsory         Compulsory        Preferably

Pharmacy (MPharm)                  Compulsory       Preferably              Compulsory       Preferably

Nursing (BSc)                             Preferably           Compulsory          Compulsory       Preferably

Occupational Therapy (BSc)     Preferably           Compulsory          Compulsory       Preferably

While you study in Riga, living costs are also very affordable. The monthly amount can vary depending on your lifestyle. Nevertheless, with €300 - €500 per month, an international student can live very comfortably while they study in this beautiful capital of Latvia. The tuition fees are higher than in other European countries but still lower than in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.  

All supported by us locations are clean, beautiful and safe places for international students. 

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