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Pre-Medical Courses:

In Hamburg, Germany.

''Get ready for your medical studies and attend the UMCH Pre-Medical Course''

Crash or an Intensive Course? 

Don't know the difference?

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There are two Pre-Medical courses run twice in early Autumn and twice in the Spring time in Hamburg, through, our Partner University, the UMCH.

These courses are aiming to prepare you before your Medical studies. It is worth to consider taking them before the interview. 

UMCH's preparatory courses are taught by international, highly-qualified teachers who have extensive experience in teaching prospective Medical students. These courses go through all basic knowledge a prospective student should have. 

It is also worth to look at them as a transition into medical school and potentially make your new friends, for an easier academic start ahead of you. 

Theses courses are not compulsory, though they are strongly recommended. 

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Starting price of the course per each participant is from € 2,900.

Crash Course: 

From 2/9/2021 to 18/9/2021
Duration: 3 weeks

Includes lessons in: English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Academic Staff:

Crash and Intensive Course

Intensive Course content at glance: 

English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, 

Mathematics, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Medical Theory, Preparation for the admission procedure and Individual consultation appointments. 

Next Course:

9/11/2020 - 19/2/2021

Duration: 12 weeks

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A Pre-Medical Course is a great idea to not only brush up your knowledge but to improve it so you can have a smooth start to your medical and medical related studies. So, book your place today.